Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The West Wing of the Vatican

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Since we are on vaguely holocaust-related themes today (see below) I can't resist pointing you to this blog post from a few days ago by editor-in-chief of The Catholic Herald, Damian Thompson. Its revealing in so many ways - about Pope Benedict's plan to unify the Catholic church around a traditional agenda, about Thompson's enthusiastic support for this agenda, about the frustrations of Thompson and those others who support Ratz at the negative PR generated by the fact that notorious holocaust denier Father Richard Williamson has been welcomed back into the Catholic fold. But most of all it reveals the fact that the Vatican is like some kind of camp version of The West Wing, where the men wear the dresses.

Money quote: "What is the point of being theoretically infallible if so many senior curial officials are quietly briefing against you?"


Anonymous said...

The catholic church is losing in the marketplace of ideas and human progress. The pope has one foot planted firmly in the 18th century, hoping to bring back the glory days of church power.

But their only growth area is Africa; most first world countries are going secular, finally recognizing the hollowness of most religions.

Even in South America, long a bastion of catholicism, the growth is in the evangelical churches.

The relentless march of human progress in better living conditions, better food and, most important, better secular and free educations, will perpetuate the march to secular humanism. It will take hundreds of years but formal religions will be left behind.


Anonymous said...

I find it pretty sickening that DT's comments, and those left on his blog, seem focused on PR failures and how the Rottweiler's grand plans are being ruined by insiders. Not one person appeared to disagree with the new team substitutions based on their opinions (admittedly I did not read all 7 pages of comments, perhaps there were some normal people on there).

Sod whether this is a PR nightmare, have the balls to openly discuss the rights and wrongs of the opinions of these people who are meant to be responsible for the religious person on the street's faith.

Bloody hell. If it wasn't so sick it might be funny, since I'm happy to see the RC's gilt-covered foundations wobble.

And my "favourite" quote from the comments, in a scary sort of way - "I say tough it out. There is change in the air and if economic nationalism returns, we are back in a 1930's situation anyway with a liberal media powerless to stop anything." Tells me everything I need to know. Let's just clone Franco while we are at it. Strewth.

Peter51 said...

I post from time to time on Damain Thompson's blog and try to do my voice of reason bit. The worst thing about that blog is that it has become a favourite spot for anti-semites and holocaust deniers. Just look at any thread which mentions Jews and see where it goes.