Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Twits from the Church of England

Dear reader, our blog has moved to a new address.

Do come on over (and change your bookmarks accordingly): rationalist.org.uk

If there was any fun to be had from Twitter, it's all gone now. The Church of England have joined in, and will be using it to promote their Love Life, Live Lent fun and games (previous attempts at making Lent cool include bishops shining people's shoes in the street, and encouraging people to build "prayer dens" under their stairs).

So now they're getting in on the Twitter action, and will be using it to urge people to mark Lent with "simple acts of generosity and thoughtfulness in the real world".

Okay, so let's not sneer too much at people encouraging others to do a few good deeds. But using Twitter? Surely those 140 character updates are best reserved for at best sharing jokes and interesting links, or at worst people telling you how their days are going, what they've had for lunch etc?

Anyway, I don't know exactly when the C of E Twitter launched, and I'm not setting myself up for a fall by saying they won't overtake us, but at the time of writing they have 201 followers to our 527. If you're on Twitter and not following us, we're on there as @NewHumanist – we promise there'll be no preaching from our tweets.


Digressica said...

Ugh. This is worse than that time I got a Facebook friend request from my Mum.

foolfodder said...

Apologies, but I'm now following @c_of_e . Might produce a chuckle.

Christian said...

And twittering about humanism is productive how exactly???