Friday, 20 February 2009

"Reader backs evolution story"

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I've always been a big fan of headlines concerning someone "backing" someone/something else – it's a classic sporting cliché, often used in the wrong context. However, I don't think I've ever seen it misused in quite the same way as in this headline, which popped up via one of my Google alerts:

"Reader backs evolution story"

Backs the evolution story? You don't back the theory of evolution – it's not a football manager on a run of bad results, or a batsman under pressure to make a few runs. You back Wayne Rooney to prove critics wrong on his return from injury, or David Beckham to continue playing for England.

I was only really blogging this because of the headline but, if you're interested in where it came from, it's a headline given to a reader's letter in a Canadian newspaper. No doubt there were other letters "backing" the usual garbage. "Reader backs Genesis", "Reader backs ID", "Reader backs the Xenu myth". . .