Thursday, 19 February 2009

Pope to visit UK?

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Well, Gordon Brown's just been to see him and invited him over. Please, please, please let it happen. It'll be the best thing to happen to this blog since Sarah Palin.

Then again, he might just get turned back by immigration for being too intolerant...


Joe Hayhurst said...

I wonder if he'll use the old PopeMobile from the British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland? 24 tons, bulletproof glass and a round seat that goes up and down so he can stick his head out of the top while giving the royal wave.
I can't help thinking he'll be a bit lonely on his visit here, the only catholics I know of are now pretty much bed-bound due to old-age, or Poles who are off home.

Caspar said...

lucky I wasn't drinking tea when i read that joke as this computer isn't tea-proof.

Christopher Geiser said...

You guys are so disrespectful. Stop breaking the 10 commandments because when you do you sin against God not man. repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.