Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Hypocrisy watch

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Melanie Phillips:
"The issue raised by the ... case is not one of freedom of speech. It is incitement of racial hatred. Context is everything. [His] statements are not a simple matter of gross historical error. They are not even merely an expression of prejudice. They are an active incitement to hatred. The real issue... [i]s the abuse of free expression."
Phillips talking sense about Geert Wilders? Hardly. Here she is writing about Holocaust denier David Irving, and why he richly deserves to be jailed and banned and not invited to the House of Lords for tea. As for what she says about Wilders, you can read that on the Spectator website. Completely different case, apparently, since one is a preening self-publicist keen to distort the facts to suit his twisted, hateful agenda, and the other....


sgl said...

and the other is?

Anonymous said...

The same, sgl.

Bibliophylax said...

"Context is everything." - Melanie Phillips.

Rather sums her up, no?