Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Guns in church redux

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Nearly a year ago, I reported on a move by the Christian Coalition of Georgia, USA to support a proposed piece of legislation to allow congregants to carry firearms in the state's churches, because "many of the state’s megachurches would like the option of using their congregants as an informal security force."

And now the news reaches us that the idea of praising the Lord while packing heat has spread several hundred miles west to Arkansas, where a controversial bill could soon make it perfectly legal. Those supporting the bill claim it's the necessary response to a series of recent church shootings but, in a wonderful understatement, "several ministers are concerned about the negative effect that concealed guns could have on the peace and tranquillity of church services".

When I saw the Georgia story last year, I thought of this clip from Brass Eye, so here it is again:


foolfodd said...


Direct link if anyone is getting the embedding disabled error: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAQy8v0d_qo

Danny Boy, FCD said...

I support concealed carry, and since a church is just another building, I don't see why it deserves to be cursed as a "gun-free zone". I guess I'm just another deluded gun-toting humanist. :)

eperkins21 said...

Danny Boy - I'm with you man. I have my CCW as well. The building doesn't matter to me either.

Joe Hayhurst said...

Danny Boy, eperkins21, are you guys nuts? I hope to 'god' you're in America and not over here!

Danny Boy, FCD said...

@Joe Hayhurst
1) Why am I nuts?
2) No, I'm not in America.
3) Where is "here"?

eperkins21 said...

@ Joe Hayhurst

Why is it nuts to want to protect yourself? If you would rather be defenseless when something bad happens, so be it but not me.

I do not carry my weapon to cause trouble. I carry my weapon to protect my family and myself from those who wish to do harm.

There will always be people like you and me. Those who want to protect themselves and those who don't. Just because you are ok with becoming another statistic in the event of something happening, do not judge me for wanting otherwise.

Ez said...

Is Brass Eye really satire?