Friday, 6 February 2009

Gower Street vs The Kremlin

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Having read the somewhat amusing story of how Vladimir Putin paid £20,000 to bring Abba tribute band Björn Again to Russia for a private gig (which he then danced along to behind a lace curtain), we were reminded of the time the real Björn paid us a visit here at the Blasphemy Lab.

Sorry Vlad...

[Bjorn Ulvaeus visited the BHA and New Humanist during a trip to London last September. He's a prominent supporter of humanism in Sweden, and I took this pic of him holding his copy of NH with, from left to right, Christer Sturmark, who's chairman of the Swedish Humanist Association, our editor Caspar Melville and Andrew Copson of the BHA.]


John said...

mamma mia!