Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Goodies for Stephen Green...

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They love Stephen Green on Twitter - every time I mention him it triggers lots of debate/jokes. Though mostly jokes, to be honest. We've been having a good discussion based around the Christian Voice essay competition for young people I blogged about in the last post. Since Stephen seems to be putting up £300 of his own cash for the essay prize pot, I asked what people would spend £300 of his cash on if they won it. Here's a selection of the answers so far:
"Cheers for the cash Steve. I'm putting towards my production of Jerry Springer:The Opera"

"Erect an enormous neon sign opposite his house saying, Fags hate God enablers."

"How much does it cost to certify a building for weddings/civil ceremonies? Green's place? If it's more I'd pay the difference!"

"I'd buy as many subscriptions as possible to as many gay publications as I could find and have them delivered to his home"

"£300 would get a cheap actor in a God outfit, a smoke machine, some bright lights and a tiny trace of LSD in the communion wine"

"Dry cleaning vouchers - give them back to Stephen to help with his birdshit on suit problems" (see here)

"Bibles. Which I would then burn on his lawn. Not really, I would give it to charity. Some good has to come from that man."

"I would buy a racing pigeon and train it to follow him, constantly hovering above his head"

"I'd donate it to the Terrence Higgins Trust without a shadow of a doubt."

"A cheap pink limo to deposit a dozen drag queens to have a doozy of a street party on the road outside his house, at Easter."
They're still coming in on Twitter, and will add any more good ones to this post. If you're not on Twitter, there's no need to miss out. Just leave your suggestions as comments on this post. Perhaps when we're done we should send them to Stephen Green....


Simon J. James said...

Yes! I made the list. Number 2 is mine!