Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Date for your diary: Kenan Malik's BHA lecture on Race, Science and Darwin

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Just a quick note to let you know that tickets are now on sale for the British Humanist Association's annual Voltaire lecture, which will be given by New Humanist contributor Kenan Malik on 23 April, 6.30pm at London's Conway Hall. Here are the details:

"The Guilt of Science? Race, Science and Darwin": the 2009 Voltaire Lecture by Kenan Malik, chaired by Polly Toynbee

6.30pm – 8pm, 23 April, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

Exploitation, oppression, war and genocide – ‘scientific racism’ helped justify all this and more. And no scientific theory provided more ammunition for racial scientists than Darwinism. So does science bear the guilt of ‘racial science’? How responsible was Darwinism for the outrages committed in its name? Was Enlightenment philosophy the ‘foundation of racism', as the historian George Mosse suggests, because of its ‘preoccupation with a rational universe, nature and aesthetics’? And did the scientific methodology help articulate, as the philosopher Emmanuel Chuckwude Eze believes, ‘Europe’s sense of not only its cultural but also racial superiority’? In the year that we celebrate the bicentenary of Charles Darwin’s birth, Kenan Malik’s lecture explores the relationship between science, race and Darwinism and challenges conventional views about the origins and nature of racial thinking.
Tickets are £5 for members of the BHA or South Place Ethical Society; £7 for non-members.