Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Creationist method in action...

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There's a nice piece by Stephen Moss in today's Guardian, in which he meets members of the absurd array of British creationist organisations (one suspects there are almost as many groups as there are members).

It's well worth reading, but I just wanted to share my favourite passage:

The theme of pastor John Benton's sermon in the evening is "Genesis and Evolution: Do They Fit Together?" He holds up a recent New Scientist cover, headlined "Darwin was wrong," as evidence that the scientific base for evolution is crumbling, that the Darwinian tree of life can be uprooted.

Hmmm. Have they even read the New Scientist piece properly? It wasn't exactly what they were saying, as PZ Myers pointed out recently on his blog.


foolfodder said...

Something from today on a similar topic: http://skepticblog.org/2009/02/17/a-skeptic-goes-inside-noahs-ark/