Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Stephen Green's clarion call to unite Rangers and Celtic fans against Jerry Springer

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In a way, you have to hand it to Stephen Green. He just doesn't know when he's beaten – like a journeyman boxer he just keeps on coming back for his next fight, before taking the obligatory pummelling and then doing it all over again.

Take his protests over Jerry Springer The Opera – not content with having inadvertently brought about the abolition of the blasphemy law he tried to use against the show, and as a consequence having practically bankrupted himself, he's set to take the streets once more with his handful of followers to protest against a student production of the show at St Andrew's University in April.

Of course the Christian Voice press release is standard Green fayre, although one line did catch our eye. It seems Stephen is hoping for massed ranks of football hooligans to get offended by the St Andrews production, before dropping their long standing sectarian differences and descending on the university town to take care of those pesky blaspheming students:
"How long will it be before the message that it is now acceptable in Scotland to insult people's religious beliefs reaches the terraces of Ibrox and Celtic Park?"
We look forward to the warm welcome Green will receive when he shows up on the terraces of Ibrox and Celtic Park to recruit people to the cause.


DavidMWW said...

Isn't there a long-standing tradition among Rangers and Celtic fans of insulting each other's religious beliefs?