Thursday, 19 February 2009

Britain hates the Westboro Baptist Church

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We're becoming rather good at banning people from entering the UK. As if it wasn't enough to send Geert Wilders and his rubbish film Fitna back from whence they came, the Home Office have now stepped in and told the delightful Westboro Baptist Church that they're not welcome either.

Wilders was on his way to the House of Lords, but there was to be no such granduer for the WBC (heavyweight champions of the intolerant world?). They were planning on rocking up in Basingstoke tomorrow evening to picket a sixth form college performance of the play The Laramie Project, which tells the true story of a student who was murdered because of his sexuality. In announcing their plans to do this, the WBC kindly informed us (and I've been waiting so long for them to do this) that "God Hates England". They also let us know that Prince Charles is a "whore", which, whatever you think of him, seems a bit harsh.

One imagines that many of those who were so keen Geert Wilders being allowed in won't be quite so bothered about the enforced absence of the preposterous Phelps family. Either way though, this banning is getting a little bit silly/worrying, isn't it? Does the government now just ban anyone coming in from abroad who might have something unsavoury to say? Better, if you ask me, to let people like this in so we get the opportunity, as a society, to tell them what we think of them. I know a few people had a warm welcome planned for them in Basingstoke tomorrow night. I was even going to get some pictures for New Humanist.

[Apologies for only getting on to this story late in the day - we've been deep, deep in production of the magazine and are only just beginning to emerge from the other side.]


Kevin said...

In many ways, the Westboro posse, with their Old Testament literalism and overt doctrine of hate, should be a gift to atheists.

I've long suspected that they're all really just method actors in an ongoing Chris Morris project.

foolfodder said...

Does this amount to discrimination based on their religious beliefs? As far as I can tell they're not violent and don't endorse violence (except by God).

Anonymous said...

Discrimination because they only hate England? I'll sleep soundly in Scotland tonight then.

Britain Awake said...

Hopefully the WBC will open a branch in the UK, especially now the C of E has become a paedophile and homosexual social club!

Clare said...

Class. I feel that now we've been officially hated on we must be doing something right, but do they mean the UK and not just England? I'd hate to be left out...

Neil said...

Paul asks "Does the government now just ban anyone coming in from abroad who might have something unsavoury to say?"

I hope not and I'm not sure that excluding the Phelps family falls into that category. The sole purpose of their visit to the UK would be to propagate a message of poisonous hatred and to picket the performance of a play.

I don't see any problem about people expressing unsavoury views - its the abusive and hate filled way in which those views are expressed by these people.