Friday, 6 February 2009

Bishop bets are off....

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We think any story that involves betting and bishops deserves blogging, and for that reason I want to pass on the news, found via Damian Thompson's blog, that "Bookie Paddy Power today forced suspended betting on the next Archbishop of Westminster after a torrent of bets were placed on Bishop Malcolm McMahon at odds ranging from 8/1 to a closing price of 5/4."

Now there's not really a great deal more to be said about this. We just love the fact that there are people out there betting on bishops. The thought did cross my mind that it would be amusing if there was ever a betting scandal surrounding a bishop – you know, like the match fixing allegations you sometimes get with snooker. Could the Pope have taken time out from welcoming back holocaust-denying bishops to put a few grand down on Bishop McMahon at his local Paddy Power? You know, that branch of Paddy Power in Vatican City...