Thursday, 15 January 2009

Would Kaka's £500,000 a week belong to Jesus?

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What happens when football, perhaps the most materialistic of all modern concerns, comes face-to-face with old-fashioned religious piety? It's a question that bears asking in light of Brazilian superstar Kaka's proposed move to the so-called "richest club in the world", Abu Dhabi-royalty-funded Manchester City.

The word is that City are set to shell out £100m for the AC Milan midfielder, before paying him a weekly wage of £500,000. City are currently languishing two points above the Premier League relegation zone, with threats to break into the "Big Four" having faded months ago, so a move there would be the most materialistic of all materialistic moves.

And why might this be a problem for Kaka? Well, you may remember him as the player who revealed a stylish "I belong to Jesus" t-shirt (pictured) at the end of Milan's victory over Liverpool in the 2007 Champions League final. He's a born again Christian who donated his 2007 Fifa World Player of the Year trophy to the controversial Sao Paolo Reborn in Christ Church, of which he is a member.

He's often reiterated his belief that "faith ... decides whether something will happen or not", and yesterday his representatives were saying he "wouldn't do anything based on money". But if he does go to City, which according to the BBC is "close" to happening, the only thing that will have decided it will be money.

If Kaka stays at Milan – a far more successful club where he has won the Champions League and many other honours – then perhaps his faith will have decided what happens. Though the fact that he already takes home around £9 million each year may of course also play a part.


therealalekid said...

He already has his income tithed with a % of his wages going to his a Church in Brazil.

Shows what a crazy world we live in when a Arab Sheikh spends 2 million pounds a month on a Brazilian footballer, with I reckon anywhere up to 2000k of that going to an evangelical Church in Rio.

therealekid said...

Sorry, that should say 200k per month. Not 200k.

scottmaciver said...

First off may I say I hate football. What grown men see in watching 22 other men running about a field chasing a piece of leather getting all sweaty (unless they are of a less-than-macho persuasion) I'll never know.

But talking about religion and football, as a Scot it's something I see on a weekly basis involving the Old Firm in the paper. Most recently the song 'Hokey Cokey' being banned because Catholics (aka Celtic fans) believe it's corruption of the words Hocus Pocus, which was how Protestants referred to Mass.

Christina Martin said...

If he belongs to Jesus, does Jesus get a cut? I hear he ususally demands 10%. And your mortal soul.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sao PaUlo, that's the name.... oh, and by the way... the roof of the mentioned church just fell down these days.

Ted said...

Well, he didn't go to Manchester. Integrity like that (as opposed to the cynical sniping I've been reading) I admire. Perhaps freely and voluntarily giving oneself to Jesus (and your 10% and your IMmortal soul) does make a difference.