Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Tom Cruise signs Anonymous mask

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Could this be seen as a sign of a rapprochement between the Church of Scientology and its masked nemesis Anonymous? At last night's Berlin premiere of Tom Cruise's Hitler-assassination-attempt movie Valkyrie, an Anonymous protester managed to get his V for Vendetta mask autographed by the man himself, who even threw in a peace symbol for good measure.

Okay, so it doesn't really demonstrate anything, though you have to give Cruise credit for dealing with the episode in such good faith. And the guy from Anonymous must be delighted – to my knowledge none of their number has managed to get that close to Cruise before. Here's the video:


Anonymous said...


89 said...

Masked Anonymous, with a flag even, has indeed gotten this close before, but not gotten any signature.

It happened in Toronto, December 08 2008: YouTube - Tom Cruise at Much on Demand

Kevin Murphy said...

Cruise always comes across as a really nice bloke, despite being an utter whacko.

Anonymous said...

A little public relations goes a long way.

The rot behind the PR remains unchanged.

When the goon-like Scientologists get their PR act together, the humanoids will swoon.

And the humanoids will dance happily and forget.

And the rot will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Toronto did it first.

Henk de Vries said...

Amsterdam has a signed mask with peace sign on it too !!