Thursday, 8 January 2009

They've given you a bad prayer there. . .

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Can you have a bad prayer? By this I don't mean an evil prayer, whatever one of those might be, but rather a prayer of questionable literary value. Poet Carol Rumens seems to think so, describing the Church of England's latest "Prayer on Being Made Redundant" as containing "flaccid scraps of free verse, [that] actually create a sense of impoverishment – the impoverishment of the English language."

She's got a point. Surely they can do better than:

'Redundant' – the word says it all –



without purpose,

surplus to requirements.'

If there is a God listening, you might imagine they have a penchant for decent poetry. And, if we focus on the more profane purpose of cheering people up, this effort, as Rumens points out, is fairly unlikely to do the trick.

All in all, they've given their followers a bad prayer.


nullifidian said...

I don't know, commenting on the (lack of) quality of their prayers seems akin to pointing out that their child is ugly: true, but in the end not our problem. ;-)