Monday, 26 January 2009

Telling Attenborough to burn in hell? A bit harsh don't you think?

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Okay, so we wouldn't expect creationists to see eye to eye with the great David Attenborough, but surely it's a bit harsh to send him letters telling him he's going to burn in hell? But that's what happens, as Attenborough has revealed in an interview with the Radio Times. Apparently some hardcore creationists get a bit upset when he doesn't "credit" god for the natural wonders featured in his programmes (this had me thinking of having to add "© God" under all the photos in National Geographic), so they take out their green pens and send him a nasty letter. If they're sending this stuff to Attenborough, just imagine the letters Richard Dawkins must receive.

It seems the Radio Times interview touches on religion and science, which Attenborough discussed in detail in his interview with Laurie Taylor for New Humanist this time last year. If you've never read it, why not take a look now? And this gives me a nice opportunity to use my favourite Martin Rowson/New Humanist cartoon again, which accompanied the Attenborough interview and the Dinner with Darwin feature from the same issue (we were starting nice and early and celebrating 199 years of Darwin).