Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Put two and two together and get cancer...

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I was sceptical about joining Twitter but, 2 days and 197 New Humanist followers later, it all seems to be going pretty well. And I might have missed this story if it wasn't for NH contributor Kenan Malik and Bad Science writer Ben Goldacre "both twittering" about it. It's the latest Daily Mail "something lots of us enjoy regularly might give you cancer" scare story, this time involving the one of the nation's favourite drinks. And they're really sure about this one – a case eloquently made by Leicester University researcher Dr Marcus Cooke:
"Although there’s no evidence at all of a link between caffeine and cancer, we’re putting two and two together and saying: caffeine can induce these changes and it has been shown that these changes are elevated in leukaemia patients."
And the Mail headline to support that? "Coffee may raise child cancer risk: New evidence that caffeine could damage babies' DNA".

You might enjoy reading the link Ben Goldacre posted in relation to this on Twitter, from Mail spoof The Daily Quail.