Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Please read with discernment...

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Via the Friendly Atheist, I was amused to learn that LifeWay Christian Stores, an online Christian book store, has started placing "Please read with discernment" warnings alongside the listings for certain titles in their stock.

Which titles I hear you ask? Could LifeWay be encouraging their customers to proceed with caution when they encounter frightening messages of fire and brimstone? Not exactly - they're much more concerned with any Christian authors who fail to toe the evangelical line. Here's what their website has to say:
"We want you to know that the authors of books marked Read with Discernment may have espoused thoughts, ideas, or concepts that could be considered inconsistent with historical evangelical theology.

However, we are making these titles available to our customers (along with the background and additional insight offered here through Read With Discernment) because we believe the books do present content that is relevant and of value to Christians and/or because pastors, seminary students, and other ministry leaders need access to this type of material, strictly for critical study or research to help them understand and develop responses to the diversity of religious thought in today's postmodern world. Our prayer for you is that in whatever you read, you place the material under the magnifying glass of scripture and read with discernment, asking God to reveal His truth to you..."
And there was me reading books with the "magnifying glass" of rationalism. I've really got to stop doing that...


Andy said...

google define:discernment

I never realised that discernment was such a theist-loaded word.