Monday, 26 January 2009

New Humanist all of a Twitter

Dear reader, our blog has moved to a new address.

Do come on over (and change your bookmarks accordingly):

We're not exactly Technophobes here at New Humanist, what with our blogging, podcasting and all, but the massive popularity of Twitter was something that eluded us for a while. But no longer - we've just signed up to Twitter this morning, and now we're looking for your advice on how we should be using it.

I have to admit, it's all a bit confusing when you first join. What can you do with 140 character updates? We'll start by posting updates on stories we're following at New Humanist, as well as updates on what we're up to here. But we're really interested in what our readers think we should be posting on Twitter. Now we've signed up, what would you like to see from us?

And, right now, we need some friends! Christina Martin's already following us, but having signed up just 20 minutes ago, our list of followers is looking a little bare. Come on, get involved. Then help bring us up to speed on how exactly this Twitter phenonemon works.

Here's the link to our Twitter feed.


Craven Maven said...

whatever you do, please don't tell us what you had for breakfast. There's far too much of that one there as it is

MrHaytch said...

Indeed, we're far more interested in what people are having for Lunch or any snacks inbetween please.