Monday, 19 January 2009

It's me, morally unsound Mario. . .

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Many of you will know comedian Christina Martin's work for New Humanist (our immensely popular God Trumps were hers), but you might not have come across her blog, so this seems like a great opportunity to give it a plug. You see, Christina is rather fond of Christian reviews (she know lots of amusing film review sites) and she's now uncovered a Christian video games review site. I wont give too much away, as you can go and read her own very funny post, but I do want to share a couple of things on here.

It's not hard to understand why anyone, Christians included, would have a problem with some of the more violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto, at least in the sense that it's better if kids don't get to play a game in which you can, among many other things, run over prostitutes in order to get back the money your character just gave them. However, could anyone really have a moral issue with cutesy cartoon games like Super Mario? The reviewers Christina unearthed do. Here's an extract from a review of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games:
Nudity/Sexual Content – “There is nothing offensive in this category, but I do want to mention that Princess Peach and Daisy do wear some high cut shorts”
For anyone interested in learning more about the glamorous princess and her short shorts, I've included a picture. And the reviewers take similar issue with the female golfers in Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08:
Nudity/Sexual Content – “Characters clothing is sexy or accentuates their sexuality. Many of the female golfers wear tight fitted clothing”
Terrible, isn't it?


scottmaciver said...

This reminds me of two games I've heard about.

The first is a Christian game, where instead of killing enemies you shoot heathens with your crossbow (of love...?) to convert them.

More recently I heard of a game in which your character travels through time killing off religious icons. It culminates in a beheading of Mohammed.

Psychodiva said...

oh please please remember the names of those games- my son is a budding games journalist and would love to write about them :)

scottmaciver said...

Sorry, I'm at work at the moment and it blocks any game realated sites. I did find this news story but it doesn't mention the name of the game.

Kevin Murphy said...

Pretty much every video game worth playing has some killing in it.

But it takes a prostitute or a pair of tight shorts to get the Christians riled.

How do people get into that mindset?