Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Help create the ultimate Christian Voice Drinking Game

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I'm definitely a Twitter fan now – after I posted on there about Stephen Green's latest ASA defeat, discussion over his rabid press releases led one of the users who follows New Humanist, @MerseyMal, to suggest creating a Stephen Green/Christian Voice drinking game. You know the kind - you watch the film Withnail and I, you drink every time they do; you watch Sky Sports Soccer Saturday, and whenever the presenters say certain phrases you drink some beer.

This one would involve drinking every time one of Stephen Green's stock homophobic/generally intolerant phrases came up in a Christian Voice press release. I have no idea how this would actually work, but I thought it might be fun to get readers involved in coming up with the rules by commenting on this post. If we can put together an amusing and viable set of guidelines, I'll write them up properly and post them on the blog.

To get things started blogger James Graham suggested, via Twitter, naturally, that I should make some "wordles" out of Green's vile yet endlessly amusing press releases. I've included my favourite as the pic in this post, but you can see the others I made here. Based on these, it seems stock "trigger words" will include "God", "Sex", "Evil", "condoms" and "Homosexuals" (do we think Stephen might be a little bit obsessed with something?).

So, leave your suggestions as comments to this post and we'll see what we can come up with. You never know, we could create a student drinking phenonemon, which we know Stephen Green will hate. Or if it doesn't work we'll at least get to spend some time poking fun at Green, which we know he'll also hate.

We simply can't lose.


Gambit said...

If we're drinking on *all* of those words, I'm going to have a rather large headache in the morning!

David said...

Not sure about the rules, but the drink should definitely be red wine - symbolic of the precious blood of our Almighty Lord and Saviour Jesus Fucking Christ.

George Poles said...

Okay ... drink one finger of your favourite spirit each time you spot one of these:
(1) A sentence referencing both (a) the loving nature of God and (b) some terrible punishment being meted out by said God to abortion doctors/women/gays/lesbians/atheists/leftists/people who walk in a funny way &c
(2) Any reference to Biblical Law, preferably uncontextualised and ignoring the fact the writer is probably ignoring biblical law by letting menstruating women sit in the same room or wearing clothes of mixed cloth.
(3) Selective quotation from the Koran to show that Islam is a "faith of death and violence", unlike Christianity whose bible obviously has no smiting in it at all.
(4) Any froth-speckled reference to '"Gay Rights"'
(5) Any wholly-one-sided take on an inaccurately reported news story, preferably sourced from either an obscure local paper or the letters pages of The Daily Mail.

And obviously down the whole bottle plus the Class A drug of your choice if Christian Voice actually turns out to be a cunning spoof devised by Richard Dawkins.