Monday, 19 January 2009

Fear not - an orb is watching over Obama

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An important press release arrived in our inbox this morning from Findhorn Press, publishers of such life-changing books as Ascension Through Orbs and In Tune With the Moon 2009. To summarise, anyone concerned about what the US presidency might hold for Barack Obama can stop worrying right now, because he has an orb watching over him. Here's how we know this:

Is an Orb watching over Barack Obama? Recently Alan Steinfeld took a photograph of Alex Grey's portrait of Obama, when he looked at the image he realized that there was an Orb to the side of Obama's head at exactly the same level as the Earth symbol in the painting over Obama's forehead! When we received that photograph, we sent it on to Diana Cooper [author of Ascension Through Orbs], who immediately responded, 'Wow that is stunning. Archangels Gabriel and Uriel with Spirits'. It would certainly seem that Obama is being watched over at this time!

Whether every Orb 'type' image that appears on a digital photograph is actually an over-lighting entity no one can say for certain but Diana Cooper & Kathy Crosswell have now viewed thousands of Orb images and due to their skill and experience have been able to identify the over-lighting being in many of these.
So basically someone took a photo of a painting and saw an orb. Seems fair enough to us.


scottmaciver said...

The problem with people not believing in god (or at least the Church's version of him) is that they're willing to believe any other tripe. Perhaps one of the only positive things about organised religion is that it kept people's 'spirituality' in check.

I work in a book shop and have to physically restrain myself from shouting at people who buy one of the large amount of archangel/orbs/horoscope books.

Psychodiva said...

yes- I always wonder whether poeple who buy that crap about angels have actually read the bible and rea,lised that what angels do for a livoing is either deliver messages or kill people or both :)I wouldn't want a serial killer - even one with wings! hanging around me