Monday, 12 January 2009

The end for Catholic proselytism?

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The following line in this story, headed "Pope: Children are not their parents' property" caught my eye just now:
"In his homily, Benedict said parents should also refrain from 'moulding (their children) on the basis of their own ideas and desires'."
Does this mean Pope Benny wants Catholic parents to stop bringing their children up as Catholics, instead allowing them to find their own way in life? Will we now see the closure of all those Catholic schools?

No. He was actually arguing that parents should have their children baptised and bring them up as Catholics, whether they themselves are religious or not. That is, ensure they're moulded with someone else's ideas, but not necessarily their own.


scottmaciver said...

Although, unlike Dawkins I wouldn't go as far as saying raising a child as a Theist is child abuse I do wholeheartedly agree that thre is no such thing as a Christian / Muslim / Hindu / Atheist child.

They're just kids! Leave them to get on with their precious childhoods.

And if you believe that your god would send then to purgatory for not being baptised then your god is evil.

PaulJ said...

Irony failure must surely be a prerequisite of Catholicism.