Monday, 26 January 2009

The Carnival on Modern Liberty

Dear reader, our blog has moved to a new address.

Do come on over (and change your bookmarks accordingly):

Here's something you all might like to get involved with – to coincide with the forthcoming Convention on Modern Liberty, a major conference on civil liberties taking place across the UK on 28 February, the excellent Liberal Conspiracy blog have launched the Carnival on Modern Liberty, the aim of which is to encourage coverage of civil liberties issues in the blogosphere and get them out to a wider readership.

One of the bloggers behind the initiative, James Graham, was kind enough to mention New Humanist as a blog he'd like to see involved, and it was nice to see one of our recent posts linked to in yesterday's first edition of the Carnival. It's well worth heading over to Liberal Conspiracy and checking it out - the big issues in the first edition are freedom of information, with the battle over MPs expenses here and Obama's loosening of Bush's restrictions in the US, data protection, and a round-up of civil liberties-related news from around the web.

Next week's edition of the Carnival will be hosted on the Our Kingdom blog. If you've been blogging on civil liberties and would like a mention, you can submit your posts here.