Thursday, 11 December 2008

Protest outside the Welsh Assembly as Patrick Jones reads his poems

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Perhaps Stephen Green can muster a more formidable army of God than we previously thought (that's them there on the right), with 250 Christians reported to have protested outside the Welsh Assembly as the poet Patrick Jones read his work inside this lunchtime. It seems they didn't live up to Green's expectations though, with him having spent the past month insinuating they'd cause disruption and even trouble, as they held up a few placards and sang some hymns.

One reader in Wales emailed us a few minutes ago updating us on the situation. Here's what he had to say:
Here's the latest on the Patrick Jones story in Wales - he read several poems in the National Assembly this lunchtime, a local actress Stacey Daley read the "blasphemous" one, called "Hymn". The carols and hymns outside were quite pleasant - very festive. But these were interspersed with Stephen Green amongst others on a step ladder.
Stephen Green on a step ladder. Now there's a sight we'd like to see.

[Thanks Greg]


James D said...

Couldn't someone have given him a shove into the bay?

Greg said... The Western Mail have their own report of events including what happened to Stephen Green at the evening event in Borders.

"Later, around 8.30pm, Patrick Jones gave another reading at Borders Bookstore, the Hayes, in Cardiff city centre.

About 30 people attended the invitation-only event in the coffee shop on the first floor.

Only three protesters gathered outside including Christian Voice leader Stephen Green, who was thrown out of the store by security guards after refusing to leave."

Priceless. It's a shame I wasn't able to attend that too!