Thursday, 11 December 2008

A peek inside the Creation Museum

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Here's a nice bit of work from the Secular Alliance of Indiana University, which I found via the Friendly Atheist blog.

The Secular Alliance decided to take a day out to the preposterous Creation Museum in Kentucky, and in the process produced a very well-made mini documentary. The best thing about it is that you get to see lots of the absurd exhibits the place uses to carry out its intellectual deception. It'd be hilarious, if it wasn't for the fact that lots of children get taken there:

SAIU trip to the Creation Museum from Secular Alliance on Vimeo.


ScienceBuff said...

Nicely done, I've always wondered about that place. I've always been scared to go there in fear that I would leave with a diminished I.Q. and a horrible accent. Apparently this museum tells us that God created humans the day after the dinosaurs, but does it tell us which day man created the bullsh*t they shovel?