Monday, 8 December 2008

Nine Lessons in the Sunday Times

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Yesterday's Sunday Times had a nice feature on Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People, the rational Christmas shows we begin hosting in a little over a week's time. It's mostly an interview with organiser Robin Ince, but it also suggests that British comedians have suddenly gone all atheist and started going after faith – great, but haven't they been doing that forever?

My favourite bit is this quote from someone previewing the shows on a website:
"[Nine Lessons will be] taking the piss out of faith of all kinds at the holiest time of the year. In many ways, it’s a tribute to the Church of England’s genial tolerance that this staggeringly offensive event can take place with so little complaint (you certainly can’t imagine them doing the same for Ramadan)."
And Robin's answer to that?
"In a way, it’s unfortunate we picked Christmas first. We definitely need to do a rational Ramadan."
As he said in our Nine Lessons feature for the current issue of the magazine, "When we say we’re having a Godless celebration, that means no god at all, from any religion. Not one. It’s not about having a go at religion – it’s going to be a proper celebration; of the Big Bang, of evolution theory and of comedy."

It's going to be great. And in case you haven't noticed, we're building up to it with our Advent Podcasts. Catch up on them all if you've missed out so far, and watch out for the latest instalment later today.