Monday, 1 December 2008

A miracle cure for financial hardship

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I'm always thankful to New Humanist contributor Christina Martin for the off-the-wall religious stories she sends me – assuming there are lots of people out there looking for them, I'd say few can find them like Christina. Which brings me to today's story, which frankly is just plain weird. It took me a few minutes to work out exactly what the story was, but I think I've cracked it, so here goes:

Two years ago an image of Jesus appeared in a "doggy door" (which I can only assume is the canine equivalent of a cat flap) in a family's house in California. The holy hole created lots of good luck for the family, including fixing their ice machine, but then the man of the house, Roger Bowman, became a casualty of the financial crisis and lost his job. Now he's planning on selling the lucky Christ-door on Ebay at a starting price of $990 in order to help his family through hard times. Oh, and before Jesus appeared on the door Bowman was planning on having one of the dogs put down, so the only reason they're still alive is because of JC.

Told you it was weird. And if you visit this page on US Ebay you can have a look at the listing and even buy it yourself. It's worth a look if only because it contains the most elaborate and absurd item info I've ever seen on Ebay including, bizarrely, a bit of advice on dog training.