Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Bush on religion, creationism

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It's a shame you only get to know these things at the very end of a presidency – in an interview with ABC George W Bush has shed some light on his religious beliefs, and if you take his word for it they're not quite as extreme as you may have thought. It turns out God didn't tell him to attack Iraq, and he's not a creationist per se:

I think evolution can - you're getting me way out of my lane here. I'm just a simple president. But it's, I think that God created the earth, created the world; I think the creation of the world is so mysterious it requires something as large as an almighty and I don't think it's incompatible with the scientific proof that there is evolution.

No, I'm not a literalist, but I think you can learn a lot from [the Bible].

"Just a simple president". Don't underplay yourself, George. I can't help thinking that a similar interview with Sarah Palin during the election campaign would have been nice. Or frightening, depending on what she said of course.


AT said...

It's a shame he became president and not the all-right guy who lives next door and sometimes makes the odd gaffe. He'd be a great guy to get hammered with.

Anonymous said...

Bush or any others are interested just with money. It is only your fantasy to assume that they are bothering about such issues at any level!