Thursday, 4 December 2008

Advent Podcasts Day 4: Christina Martin

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21 days to go until Christmas, not that that means anything to us atheists, who are busy taking the Christ out of Christmas in revenge for something or other. One of the ways we're doing this is by putting up a series of Advent Podcasts (aggressive stuff, we know) in which comedians and scientists say who they'd like to celebrate on 25 December instead of Jesus H. Today we bring you stand-up comedian Christina Martin, the creator of our hugely successful God Trumps. You can listen to Christina via this link or simply click play here:

If you're new to the podcasts, already this week we've had Stephen Fry, PZ Myers and Robin Ince, and we've helpfully created a page where you can catch up on all of these. Coming up in the next few days we have Dave Gorman, Simon Singh, Alexei Sayle and many more, so to make sure you dont miss out you can keep checking back or do the following:

[Podcast music by Andrea Rocca]