Saturday, 13 December 2008

Advent Podcasts Day 13: Andrew Collins

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As if I didn't make this point last week, we don't just stop Advent podcasting because it's the weekend. It's day 13, which would be scary if a) it was a Friday, not a Saturday, and b) this wasn't a rationalist blog. As it is there's nothing scary about it, and we're bringing you the journalist and broadcaster Andrew Collins chatting to Robin Ince about the greatest philosopher of modern times . . . Tony Hancock. Download it or listen here:

For the uninitiated, which as a relative youngster largely includes me, I've included a YouTube clip of Hanock below. I don't know if it's a classic clip, as I've never seen much, but there's loads of Hancock on YouTube so maybe you could share other clips in comments on this post.

Also, you may want to remember that in the podcasts we have Eddie Izzard tomorrow and Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant on Monday. You won't want to miss out, so do one of the following:
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[Podcast music by Andrea Rocca]


Texturbation said...

Why on earth would you interview Collings for this podcast?

He says he doesn't like science. (If he's joking, I don't get it.)

Listen to his podcast with Richard Herrin. He's a proponent of homeopathy, mind-reading, and all kinds of other woo-woo.

If you're trying to provide a positive view of humanists, I don't think Collings, an atheist man who exemplifies "If you believe in nothing you believe in everything" is a person to put forth.

Andy said...

He dismisses all science with "scientists are meddlers".

This is the first item I have heard of him. Not impressed: he seems proud of his ignorance.

It is a shame that so many otherwise reasonable journalists are like this.

Andrew Collins said...

Gosh, you take things too literally. I thought it would be funny to say that all scientists are meddlers. I was asked to contribute a personal choice and that's what I did. You seem to be questioning my qualification for what is, as I see it, a bit of fun. Take it easy. Relax. I take humanism to be about the optimism in one's fellow man, without recourse to supernatural deities. Does that actually preclude me from having questioning beliefs about other aspects of human knowledge that we don't yet fully understand? You'll have to forgive me, I didn't realise by contributing happily to this calendar I was in fact joining a gentlemen's club.

Robin said...

Andrew was clearly joking when he said all scientists are meddlers. I hope we don't start having to put up a 100 question quiz of specific beliefs before you are allowed to contribute your time to New Humanist without being shot down. One of the reasons for putting on 9 Lessons and Carols for Godless People was to prove that atheists weren't the angry, humourless curmudgeons the media would like to portray them as.

joyfeed said...

What a wonderful, humorous and humane precis of Hancock in general, and that Hancock episode in particular. Thank you to the New Humanist for this festive calender. God bless us, every one!

Doughboy said...

Yes, Mr Collins is clearly a very intelligent chap. Texturbation needs to understand the, ahem, 'broad church' nature of the humanistic tradition. Personally I love Hancock, though I was very disappointed by the recent film biog. Will Smith was not an ideal choice to play the great dead comic.

Paul Sims said...

Wow - I didn't expect to come in on Monday and find that Andrew Collins had taken a slating off some of you for his very funny and interesting nomination of Hancock. Is your first reaction to something like this to Google the name of a contributor and see if their humanist credentials check out? If so, you're really going to hate the Abu Hamza podcast I've got lined up for the 17th.

On another matter, I agree with Doughboy - quite what Will Smith was doing playing Tony Hancock alongside Charlize Theron, I'll never know. I think I preferred the original.

Andy said...

no-one seems to have found my joke on the ignorance of journalists amusing.

Tristan said...

Andy: That was a joke?

Milly said...

Collings equals nob.