Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Thank you, Sarah Palin

Dear reader, our blog has moved to a new address.

Do come on over (and change your bookmarks accordingly): rationalist.org.uk

She may not be the second most powerful person on the planet, yet, but she sure touched a chord in the hearts of good honest 'murcan folks, you betcha!

... and she's running away with the Bad Faith Awards (see poll top right) which should please her and all the people in the ad, shouldn't it?


Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Just one of those stupid "murcans" writing to thank Governor Sarah Palin for representing us in the manner we had asked her to.

Look, you aren't American. It's none of your business who we vote for. Lord knows we don't take a lot of interest in who you elect to run your country. Further, if one looks at the electoral map of how the counties voted, the large number of counties voted for McCain/Palin. It was the largest cities that went Obama. The rest of the country, including those wonderful people in the video you are mocking, voted McCain. In fact, McCain won 46% of the vote.

We conservatives are real people with real thoughts and real feelings. We have the right to vote our conscience in America, and we aren't required to consult people from other countries.

You are a non-American, presuming to know what's best for America. You are also a non-Christian, making lots of uneducated comments concerning Christians. Best to keep your comments to subjects you truly understand.

Glad that Sarah is getting the bad faith award. It is as it should be that she is furthest from your wolrdview than most people. That's why we like her.


Caspar said...

Hi Lisa

thanks for your comments, I am so glad that we are read by conservative Christians - you are after all the people we most want to reach.

Of course you are right that it is none of my business who you vote for - leaving aside the whole US superpower, ability to end the world with a push of a red button thing - but I have more than a prurient interest in US Politics, my Grandmother was an American, I have plenty of US family, and I lived in the US for seven years. One of the things that marks the US out from other countries in my experience is the profound lack of interest Americans tend to show in any country other than their own. I think this is a shame, as our futures are more and more inter-linked and taking an interest in others can sometimes act against have an exaggerated sense of your own importance.
If you are planning a trip to London any time soon do drop by
Caspar- father of one