Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Sick of being preached at? Try our quick and easy method for choosing the best religion

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You know the feeling. It's Christmas Day, the whole family's bored and you're having a metaphysical crisis as you struggle to work out just which religion you should belong to. Well, now you can take on all those problems at once by orchestrating a game of God Trumps, our cut-out-and-keep game that helps you choose your spiritual home once and for all...

Okay, enough of that - all this blog post is really saying is that Christina Martin's excellent God Trumps cards from our new issue are now online and ready for your viewing. There's an example to the right, but make sure you click the link I just used to see the rest.


nullifidian said...


Pete said...

'Daftest doctrine'

This is terrific! Although I can't see my parents appreciating it very much this xmas :(

Great blog btw.

JohnnieCanuck said...

Seriously, this card set is not complete. How could you leave out Mormons with their magic underwear, buried golden tablets, special interpretative goggles and polygamy?

I say, Encore!

Garkbit said...

You should have included Reform Judaism as well, but it might have been hard to distinguish them from CoE. As an atheist Jew myself I'm slightly offended that the "Orthodox Jew" card wasn't a bit more offensive. Niddah may be ridiculous (especially as it normally lasts two weeks per month), but have you ever heard of kapparos?

This from Wikipedia:
"Kapparos or Kaparot (Hebrew: כפרות‎, "atonements") is a traditional Jewish religious ritual that takes place on the eve of Yom Kippur. Classically, it is performed by grasping a live chicken by the shoulder blades and moving around one's head three times, symbolically transferring one's sins to the chicken."

Entdinglichung said...

;-) .... but please include also Cao Đài for worshipping Victor Hugo, Descartes, Lenin and Louis Pasteur as a saint

Terri from Ethical said...

Start including Ethical Culture in your pieces -- even if you make fun of us!
We got Sunday meetings for your community needs, Sunday school for the kids, good works, pot lucks, all the good stuff in religion, but - here's the best part - no notions about anything supernatural.
Anyway it's my Humanist religion and I think it would be a good fit for your readers and the world!

George Jelliss said...

Agnostic web thinks the secular humanist card lacks humour. Offers an alternative Atheism card:


MrDave2176 said...

There were no Diests or Ratstafarians, Pastafarians, Unitarians, Discordians, Wiccans, Wotanists, or Raelians

Anonymous said...

They had to really reach for the Zorowodenism, I only found a couple of sites that really had it.

And Devagana doesn't seem to exist, I wish there was a source. Deva Gana is a female attribute that has to do with astrology (couldn't figure it out)

I wish the article had gone for less obscure (and possibly nonfactual) jabs