Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Patrick Jones/Waterstones/Stephen Green update

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Today's emails day on the blog. Welsh poet Patrick Jones has sent us a further update on the row over his cancelled book signing at Waterstones and Stephen Green's inflammatory behaviour. Some of you will know that the controversy prompted some members of the Welsh Assembly to invite Jones to do a reading there. Unsurprisingly Green weighed in on this too ("Welsh Lib Dems become the 'Insult Jesus' Party"), and now Jones tells us some Welsh AMs are joining in:
Thank you for posting my email - just a quick update - three Welsh AM.s are now trying to get the reading cancelled at the Welsh Assembly due "to blasphemy and profanity in the poems" and that "the UK is a Christian country" and "believe in freedom of speech ...but" - and I promise I have not sent an email or invited them or anything!!! I think it goes to show the knee jerk reactions that abound.

Also Borders have stepped in and we will be launching the book on Dec 11th at the Cardiff store with a further reading in London's Borders - which i hope will show the way that it should have been handled and that the issue was not how Christian Voice heard of the book but their reaction and their destruction of free speech. The venues I am reading at (and I could be reading any poem - even Rowan Williams!) are being bombarded and threatened with calls and emails from CV members and some are quite upset and anxious about this.

I hope you are well and thank you for hosting this debate.

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Jon Britton said...

I hope he keeps going with this. I will make absolutely sure I manage to attend the Cardiff Borders event.

Patrick is the new Dawkins ;-)

Anonymous said...

No, he's not, he's just a very naughty boy. But fair play, arranging a signing then arranging its sabotage was a master-stroke of self-publicity - he'd never have sold as many copies without good old Christian Voice.

Anonymous said...

It is just a shame he didn't decide to pull the stunt on the atheist bus, then he could have been Wales' very own Atheist Rosa Parks.