Friday, 28 November 2008

It's Chocco-Christ time

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Shall we begin the day with a quote? It's a good one:

"It is terrible that Jesus is being wrapped up in gold foil and sold along with chocolate bunnies, edible penguins and lollipops. This is ruining the symbol of Jesus himself"

The words of Aegidius Engel, a spokesman for the German archbishopric of Paderborn, which is unhappy with the exploits of Frank Oynhausen of Duisburg, who's been flogging chocolate Jesus figures to what sounds like great success.

Oynhausen was unemployed for a couple of years, but that was before his divine eureka moment: "I started thinking about how I could reintroduce traditional religious values into this commercial world."

So "Sweet Lord" was born, and with it a ready made reason for both the Protestant and Catholic churches to claim offence. And if our picture is making you feel peckish, the good news is that Oynhausen's doing so well that he plans to go global with this sugarry Messiah.


Luke D said...

mmmmm body of Christ

1minionsopinion said...

You know Jesus wants to be eaten...


There's no way that can ever sound good.


Andy Armitage said...

No one would dare do one of Mo, though, oh, no. You can imagine the Muslim apoplexy the world over as Rage Boy and all his brother Rage Boys dash into the streets setting fire to pieces of chocolate in protest.

Paul Sims said...

I cant believe I missed this opportunity the first time, but the key quote here is one from the Simpsons, I think when Homer eats a donut or something that's supposed to be God:

"Mmm, sacrilicious"

Anonymous said...

At least he got the colo[u]r right.

NH said...

This is a new take on holy communion [possibly with Babysham], I don't know what there is to make a fuss about.

Anonymous said...

Would you not feel slightly blasphemous for eating a chocolate Christ - exploitation of the lords name in a sense... BLASPHEMY!! I heard extremists were saying God has made this guy make them to test faith and if you eat one... YOUR're GOING TO HELL!!!