Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Clocking on at Vatican City

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You all know the feeling – you show up at work a few minutes late, perhaps after a heavy night on the tiles or because the dog ate your diary or something, and before you know it your boss is on to you about shoddy timekeeping. Imagine then, if your boss was Pope Benedict XVI. We all know he's not a Nazi, so no room here for jokes about National Socialist efficiency, but it does seem he's not a fan of Vatican employees turning up late, given the fact that he's just introduced swipe cards for all those working in the Holy See.

Everyone from office clerks up to the Pope's personal guards will now be required to clock in and out of work. We're not sure if starting work late already carried the threat of eternal damnation, but if it did it clearly wasn't working. Nothing a bit of good old-fashioned bureaucracy can't fix.


1minionsopinion said...

Isn't there a church group somewhere that's seriously against ID cards instead of keys because they fear they'll wind up with 666 in their identication number? I forget what group that was now. Seventh Day Adventists maybe...

It was getting in the way of some faithful working somewhere anyway. Curse my brain for not retaining every ridiculous thing I find online!