Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Bad Faith podcasts: 3 more nominations

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We're picking up the pace to bring you three more nominations as the world prepares to go to the polls in our historic Bad Faith Awards elections.

Today we have Atheist Bus Campaign creator Ariane Sherine nominating everyone's favourite British raging evangelical homophobe Stephen Green on the back of some rather silly comments he made about the Bus Campaign, along with comedian Nick Doody's nomination of our former PM Tony Blair. Tony may seem like old news, but Doody's not too impressed with his post-premiership Catholic conversion and his subsequent mission to bring the world to its knees (in prayer). We also have our friend Andrew Copson from the BHA nominating the head of the Catholic Church in Scotland, Cardinal Keith O'Brien. During the debate over the Embryology Bill he's equalled, if not bettered the ignorance of yesterday's Anglican nominee the Bishop of Durham – listen to Andrew to hear why.

Here are the links:

Click here to hear Ariane Sherine nominate Stephen Green

Click here to hear Nick Doody nominate Tony Blair

Click here to hear Andrew Copson nominate Cardinal Keith O'Brien

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See, the lovely Sarah Palin is nominated, and it's (hopefully) her last day at the office today, so that gave me an opportunity to use her in the image above. I call it my Crucifix of Pain.