Monday, 3 November 2008

Bad Faith podcast: Johann Hari nominates Rowan Williams

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We weren't lying when we said we were going big on the 2008 Bad Faith Awards this week (did we say we were "going big" on them?). Having added the first two podcast nominations on Friday, we can now bring you this week's first in the form of Independent columnist Johann Hari's nomination of Rowan Williams.

As fellow heathen blogger the Heresiarch rightly pointed out over the weekend, the Archbeard simply had to be up for the 2008 award following his suggestion earlier this year that it might be a good idea to use Sharia law in the UK. So when we bumped into Johann Hari at the Ex-Muslims' conference a few weeks ago, where he'd just been speaking on this very subject, we knew he was the perfect person to nominate the Archbish:

Click here to hear Johann Hari nominate Rowan Williams

In case you missed them (on the blog post below), you can also listen to PZ Myers nominating Sarah Palin and Robin Ince nominating Ann Coulter. There are several more nominations to come this week, including another later today, so to ensure you don't miss out subscribe to our podcasts in one of two ways:
And, as I said last time out, we're still open to nominations before the poll goes live on Wednesday. Let us know who you think should win by commenting on this post.