Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Atheist bus diversions

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Time for an update on Atheist Bus shenanigans around the globe. First up Australia where the Australian Foundation of Atheism planned to emulate the British bus campaign with one of their own. They wanted to carry the message: “Atheism – Celebrate reason!' But APN Outdoor’, the company responsible for Public Metropolitan Transport Advertising, has said 'no'. Apparently the message is unacceptable, though why remains a mystery. A spokesman for the AFA said: "The planet is moving to a more enlightened era but apparently, public transport advertising agents in Australia have missed the bus." Boom boom.

Meanwhile in Ireland Mary Kenny, a religious commentator much renowned for her [insert sarcastic comment here in place of the truth that she is a ranting nutter], has her say in the Irish Independent about the plan to replicate the bus campaign in Ireland. Its hilarious, especially if while you read it you play spot the fact that is correct - like where’s Wally, but harder. More here.

[Thanks Ariane]


Bob said...

It's almost like self-satire. Mary Kenny writes:

> They could put whatever they liked on a bus. Except that I found the atheists' coda "so relax and enjoy life" ludicrously implausible.

Better be shrill and insidious then, eh?

Caspar Melville said...

Unlike say, the assumption, which is eminently plausible, eh mary?

Anonymous said...

Damn, no comments on the article. The woman obviously doesn't understand the concept of irony, or even insult, but suggesting that I lead a sad, pathetic life, on my way to hell, that I must frolic (without fun) and consort with baby killers and alcoholics explains why she gets nasty letters from people. Mmm, let's see, bad mouth them, call them names and for some reason they don't like me? I'd rather enlightenment and frolicking Mary, than ignorance and insult.