Wednesday, 5 November 2008

2:33am blog post: do I call the election?

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Well, if there are any readers out there who, for some reason known only to them, have turned to the New Humanist Blog for their American election coverage, you're witnessing my first ever early hours blog post.

I'm sat watching CNN on cable with an American friend, and the big decision I have to make is do I call the election? And it is a big decision, because I don't want to go the same way as some of the big US networks have in the past and get it wrong. No, really.

We're taking this very seriously here - we're using an interactive map on a great website called 270 to Win, and we're filling in each state with red or blue once things become apparent. Taking a look at what we're doing, we currently have it 175 - 123 to Obama and we're being a lot more cautious than the BBC, who have it 195-76 (as I type they've just given Ohio to the Democrats). It's looking good for Obama - give him California, Colorado, Washington and Florida and he's home and dry.

So am I going to call it? . . . Obama.

There we go. I did it. And America's probably watching. I expect CNN to report on this soon after hit "publish".

On another note, we've seen one near-definite piece of good news come through tonight. A few days ago I reported on the reprehensible efforts of incumbent North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole to smear her opponent Kay Hagan by saying she's been hanging out with atheists. It hasn't worked - all polls say Hagan's won by a big margin.

And just as I was about to hit publish, CNN called Ohio for Obama. They've been being very cautious all night, so that really is big news.


Laura said...

Good call. Certainly looks like that's the way it's going. It was worth staying up for.