Monday, 20 October 2008

Yet again psychics profit from tragedy

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Just a quick post, but I had to share this. Two "investigators" have produced a drawing of the man they say kidnapped Madeleine McCann (he's called Steve or Stav), and have revealed that, after he'd tracked her for days, she was taken to an apartment, smothered with a pillow and dumped in a landfill.

And how do they know this? They're psychics. Disgraceful. And the sad fact is that some in law enforcement are actually taking this seriously.


Psychodiva said...

ese charlatans and profiteers should even be given time to speak! They should be prosecuted under the fraud laws.

Graeme said...

This is utterly depsicable. I feel quite sick.

Graeme said...

(see what it did to my spelling!!)