Thursday, 9 October 2008

Why can't the Republicans bring up Obama's pastor problem?

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Because of Sarah, of course. Time has a good article on Palin and religion, pointing out that if she had it her way the campaign, in addition to saying their opponent pals around with terrorists, would bring up the small matter of Obama's firebrand ex-pastor, Rev Jeremiah Wright, at every possible opportunity. The campaign has claimed it would be inappropriate, but that hasn't stopped it with the "terrorist" accusations. As Time point out, "McCain's current sensitivity is much more related to his running mate's own pastor problems than to any newfound campaign honor code."

They don't want to encourage any further digging into Palin's religious background, which has already yielded tales about her views on the age of dinosaurs, videos of her receiving protection from witchcraft, and suggestions that she may agree with her former church's commitments to converting Jews to Christianity and helping gay people "overcome" their homosexuality.

Update: As if enough ridiculous things about Palin haven't popped up, it now turns out that Princess Diana was Palin's 10th cousin. And, even better, Franklin D Roosevelt was her 9th cousin. I guess that means Palin is just who America needs to sort out the economic crisis.


Anonymous said...

Tom Hanks is a blood relative of Abraham Lincoln. That's more impressive.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

I understand your discomfort with Sarah's spirituality. However, Palin's Pastors in Alaska are no different than tens of thousands of pastors here in the lower 40. We just don't usually have our prayer times broadcast all over the world. Further, the pastor in the video was from Africa, where prayers concerning witchcraft are somewhat common place. One can't mock Sarah for it without also mocking the practices common to this pastor and his African congregation.
Lastly, the prayed for person never knows what is going to come out of the mouth of the person praying for them. So what does one do in cases where they aren't comfortable with the prayer? I usually stay put if I am uncomfortable so as not to be disruptive to the service, but pray silently to the Lord with my own words while the other person is praying for me.