Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Some goodies from the ex-Muslims' conference

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Following on from yesterday's post on our visit to the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain's first ever conference on "Political Islam, Sharia Law and Civil Society", there are now lots of goodies for you to read and watch on the web. I'll give you a rundown and then you can click away.

The Council have put all the video footage from the day on their website, which includes all three debates, Nick Doody's comedy set and Richard Dawkins' dissection of Harun Yahya's "arguments" for creation. They've also written a brief report on the day and put up some photographs.

Richard Dawkins also wrote his report on the conference on his web forum on Saturday, in two parts. Read part 1 followed by part 2.

There's loads of great content in the videos, but in embedding one in this post I just had to go with Nick Doody's fantastic stand-up set: