Thursday, 2 October 2008

Rickrolling Astley to an MTV award

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Having written and podcasted about those bizarre anti-Scientology protesters Anonymous, I was interested to read that '80s crooner Rick Astley has just been shortlisted for an MTV Europe Music Award.

Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" was catapulted to number one earlier this year as a result of Rickrolling, one of Anonymous's online pranks. In my article I opted to use the words of one of their own to explain it, and I think I'll do that again here: “A lot of people involved in this are trolls [internet pranksters]. On message boards, people started putting up a link to a picture that would distract from the original thread, initially a picture of a duck on wheels. That was a ‘duckroll’, and now you’ve got a ‘Rickroll’.”

So now Astley's nominated for Best Act Ever. Up against who, I hear you ask – Led Zeppelin? The Stones? John Coltrane perhaps? Nope – he's up against U2, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Green Day and Tokio Hotel.

Okay so the award is absurd, but his nomination is clearly a result of Rickrolling, so that's why we're interested. And in an added twist, the winner will be chosen by fans in an online vote, so no doubt all those Rick-rollers out there will be making sure he wins. Should you feel the need, you can help by visiting the voting page.

I was going to put the video up so the uninitaited could have a listen, but it seems YouTube have disabled embedding for all videos of Never Gonna Give You Up, presumably to stop people Rickrolling. Still, you can always click through to the video on YouTube itself though be warned, it's a very bad song.


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Rickrolling + Obama =

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