Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Quick atheist bus update...

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We're busy producing the next issue of New Humanist (I'm proofing things as I write this) but I just wanted to give you a quick update on the Atheist Bus Campaign, because what's happened since midnight last night is extraordinary. The target was £5,500, which Richard Dawkins agreed to match, but they hit that at 10am. Right now it's up to £20,882, but that's rising every time I click refresh on the donation page. The higher the amount gets, the more time and more buses there'll be displaying the positive message of "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life", so do get involved and donate some cash.

Click here to donate to the Atheist Bus Campaign

Congratulations to Ariane, the BHA and everyone involved in the campaign.


Graeme said...

If you get a lot of cash, why not spread it to some other cities? e.g. Edinburgh :-)

Psychodiva said...

d earlier I am now going to sit back and wait for the first christian, hindu, muslim, etc etc bus driver to refuse to drive one of the buses- you can't buy that kind of publicity :)
Although- my American friends do admit that the buses wouldn't survive intact very long in their country I suspect there may well be some religious graffitti and/or protests of some kind over here too :) Then again- I wonder what would happen if 'god' was changed to 'allah'?

Psychodiva said...

that should have started off with -
'having donated earlier'

Fr. Juniper Adams said...

Having come to know and love the One who loved me into life and loves me moment by moment into life, and you too,I simply cannot understand the message on this bus. What on earth has lack of enjoyment or worry to do with Christ? It is Christ who reveals who God is. All honour and glory to Him.