Tuesday, 28 October 2008

An evangelical vision of an Obama presidency

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American readers certainly will, but I'm sure many of you will be familiar with James Dobson and Focus on the Family, a particularly distasteful anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-feminist, anti-(extra-marital) sex, anti-gambling Christian Right organisation. (If you're wondering what they're in favour of, try prayer in school, corporal punishment and Intelligent Design.)

Of course they're not known for their tact, but with a week to go until the US election they have may have just surpassed themselves by releasing a "letter" from a Christian from the future (2012 to be precise), in which the correspondent describes the changes that have occurred under an Obama presidency. As the preamble to the letter states, in the minds of Focus on the Family these are "changes that are likely or at least very possible if Senator Obama is elected".

And what are they? Well, some of the changes would probably be considered positive by many voters – he redresses the right-leaning balance on the Supreme Court, which then declares same-sex marriage a constitutional right (even though Obama is against it).

But then things get silly. Very silly. As far as Focus on the Family are concerned, if Obama wins the next four years will basically see gay people take over America. Here are some of the more ridiculous predictions:
  • "The Boy Scouts no longer exist as an organization. They chose to disband rather than be forced to obey the Supreme Court decision that they would have to hire homosexual scoutmasters and allow them to sleep in tents with young boys."
  • "Homosexuals are now given special bonuses for enlisting in military service"
  • "The Supreme Court in 2011 nullified all Federal Communications Commission restrictions on obscene speech or visual content in radio and TV broadcasts, and television programs at all hours of the day now contain explicit portrayals of sexual acts"
So that's the Christian fantasy of homophobic moral outrage out of the way. How about some good old-fashioned fear-mongering? Obama's withdrawal from Iraq leads to genocide, and his reversal of the Bush policy of denying captured terrorist suspects basic human rights mean that "Since 2009 terrorist bombs have exploded in two large and two small U.S. cities, killing hundreds, and the entire country is now fearful, for no place seems safe."

As if this wasn't enough Russia, just to test Obama, invaded and occupied Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. Still not enough? How about this?
"In mid-2010 Iran launched a nuclear bomb which exploded in the middle of Tel Aviv, destroying much of that city. They then demanded that Israel cede huge amounts of territory to the Palestinians, and after an anguished all-night cabinet meeting, Israel’s Prime Minister agreed. Israel is now reduced to a much smaller country, hardly able to defend itself, and its future remains uncertain."
Returning to domestic policy, Obama also introduces an NHS-style public healthcare system. Great, you may think. But here's what happened:
"Because medical resources now must be rationed carefully by the government, people over 80 have essentially no access to hospitals or surgical procedures. Their “duty” is increasingly thought to be to go home to die, so that they don’t drain scarce resources from the medical system. Euthanasia is becoming more and more common."
This has turned into a long post – as I worked through the letter I just kept finding more and more gold that had to be shared. Given the length of this post you may think you've seen it all, but I recommend you read the original document as trust me, there's more.

I only really have one question for the deluded fantasists at Focus on the Family – when's the movie coming out? Because having read the synopsis, it sounds like it'll be a good one.

[Found via Friendly Atheist]


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Sparkling water said...

You highlight this sentence about the elderly from the letter -
“Their “duty” is increasingly thought to be to go home to die, so that they don’t drain scarce resources from the medical system.”
Presumably regarding this as ‘very silly’
Except this has already been seriously discussed. Warnock isn’t a fringe figure, she is a pillar of the establishmet and consulted frequently by the government.
discussed here