Friday, 31 October 2008

Bad Faith Awards 2008: Podcast nominations from PZ Myers and Robin Ince

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The gathering forces of irrationality will be quaking in their boots once more with the return of the New Humanist Bad Faith Awards, and this year we have a special treat in the form of our Nominations Podcasts.

We've recorded a selection of well-known rationalists explaining who they nominate for outstanding service to unreason and religious delusion this year, and we'll be putting these online in the days leading up to Wednesday 5 November, when a poll will appear on this blog allowing you to play your part in making ’08 a special year for one deluded fantasist.

With election fever growing by the day, we're kicking off the podcasts with an American theme. The other day, across several thousand miles of fibre optic cable, the US biologist PZ Myers, who you will all know from his excellent blog Pharyngula, kindly gave up some time to tell me why he's nominating John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin. While we can but hope that the lovely Sarah will be consigned to a footnote of history by the time our poll goes online, I'm sure you'll agree she's placed herself firmly in the Bad Faith running during the short time the world has known her:

Click here to hear PZ Myers nominate Sarah Palin

Meanwhile stand-up comedian Robin Ince (organiser of our Nine Lessons comedy event) has chosen to nominate a US right-winger who we've all known for quite some time. It goes without saying that Ann Coulter deserves to be nominated for an award like this every year, but Robin's putting her forward this year having spent a portion of 2008 struggling his way through a paperback copy of her book Godless: The Church of Liberalism, which suffice to say has left him slightly infuriated:

Click here to hear Robin Ince nominate Ann Coulter

We have 7 more podcast nominations to come at the beginning of next week, from contributors including Independent columnist Johann Hari, Atheist Bus Campaign maestro Ariane Sherine and comedians Natalie Haynes and Nick Doody. Keep checking back here to listen, and to ensure you don't miss out you can:
Have your say when the poll appears here on Wednesday 5 November. We're still open to nomination suggestions, so let us know who you think deserves the Bad Faith accolade by commenting on this post.


AT said...

Coulter is discredited. Palin's still got a shot at VP. In terms of potential damage done, it's got to be Sarah. I can see her holding a book burning sanctioned by a medley of priests and witch hunters on the White House lawn. Everybody singing Hosanna to the Highest.

Unless one takes the Chuck Norris factfile seriously. In which case he becomes a strong contender.

Paul Sims said...

When was Coulter ever not discredited?

Palin and Coulter aren't the only nominees - just first up for the podcasts. There are 7 more to come next week.

Ramesh said...

I nominate Bobby "the exorcist" Jindal

Jay said...

Well, even many of Coulter's ideological allies want nothing to do with her (she was fired from National Review).