Wednesday, 22 October 2008

54 grand in a day – we salute the Atheist Bus Campaign

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This mock-up picture of the Atheist bus may have appeared four times on this blog in the space of a day, but when you've raised £54,238 in a 35-hour period you deserve that kind of coverage. Not that we're the only place you can read about this astonishing campaign to put ads reading "There's probably no god – now stop worrying and enjoy your life" on the sides of London buses. The story's been all over the papers (a Google News search brings up 69 results, but to name a few it was in the Guardian, Telegraph, Sun, and even the Washington Post), and it's been on the TV and radio.

Amazing. We congratulate Ariane Sherine, the BHA and everyone involved in the Atheist Bus Campaign. And as we said yesterday, one of the best things about it is that it's pissed off Stephen Green of Christian Voice. Our friend Andrew Copson from the BHA was even on Radio 5 late last night arguing about this with Green (skip to 5 mins 20 secs) – topic "should atheists advertise their beliefs on the side of buses".

It's worth a listen as needless to say Andrew wins the day. We just have one question - why do the BBC bring Stephen Green on to a radio show as the "Christian Voice" he claims to be? As I've said before, this raging homophobe is the closest thing we have in this country to Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church, and you wouldn't invite them on to the radio.

Ariane Sherine's written the diary for the forthcoming issue of New Humanist, so watch out for that in the coming weeks.

You can still donate to the campaign - follow this link to do so


Psychodiva said...

I found myself becoming quite narked at the way Andrew Poulson was interrupted and prevented from talking by not only that christian idiot who should not even have been on the programme but alos by both presenters- I now the show is a 'lively' one but it apeared to me that Andrew wasn't allowed to get points accross while the idiot christian was gievn far too much time to talk.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if anyone believes in destiny?

Richard Duncan said...

Why the "probably"? Sounds to me as if you guys are having doubts.

But I suppose its natural that you should do so, since it is Christians who are the real humanists anyway. You probably realise this subconsciously and it is just this which makes your blog (to say nothing of the oeuvre of Dear Dicky Dawkins) so entertaining.

I think you would "enjoy life" more if you admitted this obvious fact.

PS: Your Carol Service sounds a hoot! Its rather endearing that you should pay such a tribute to Our Lord and Saviour, even whilst affecting to deny him.

HughCaldwell said...

Let's roll out slogans for atheism.

What has God done for your pension fund?

If God is a football fan ...

Whose god anyway?

Anonymous said...

Hah, the real story here is that they were not allowed to say "There is no God." Legally, like.

Christians can rant at you that you're evil and you're going to hell and they can phrase it in terms of absolutely certainty.

But if you say "There is no God." Suddenly you're being offensive.