Monday, 22 September 2008

Tom Cruise is back ... and he's brilliant

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If you were to name two things this blog doesn't believe in, resurrection and Tom Cruise would have to be on your shortlist. Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I went to see the new Ben Stiller comedy Tropic Thunder at the cinema on Saturday and witnessed the resurrection of Tom Cruise's career.

Yes, that's right, I saw Tom Cruise in a comedy film and thought he was brilliant. Tropic Thunder's about a group of over-serious actors who get caught up in a real conflict with a drug cartel while filming a war-movie on location in South Vietnam. Tom Cruise plays the balding, overweight, foul-mouthed studio executive who's bankrolling the war movie and he's absolutely hilarious. Just to balance things out I'm also including the infamous Scientology video, so we remember what Cruise is also capable of.


Eva said...

I don't get what you're problem is with the fact that he's a Scientologist. What is it exactly?

Anonymous said...

Tom Cruise is "brilliant"? And Hitler was an animal loving vegetarian. BOYCOTT CRUISE (who is far from brilliant).

Anonymous said...

Cruise and Miscaivge should be INDICTED on RICO charges by the United States government for their participation in the biggest fraud (and most dangerous Cult of $cientology)in history.

Why is the government so afraid of CRUISE?

Anyone who sees his movies or supports him needs help!